what makes us different

Your soil is not a lifeless substrate, it’s a living and very dynamic environment. The soil biome is full of life and unique diversity. At NewLife Bioscience, we specialize in discovery, identification, culturing and manufacturing top performing soil-born microbial solutions for key agricultural, turf and ornamental segments. We are committed to offering the most dynamic, robust and stable performing microbial packages in the market place. Our custom microbial packages will help you restore, renew and support a highly functioning soil microbial biome. Our unique custom formulations allow for us to have a “build it your way” approach for our customers.   This consultative approach, along with our ongoing commitment to research, is changing the way our customers can approaching soil, crop and turf health. We can help you rebuild your soil biome and restore it to give your crops or turf their best opportunity to maximize yields, growth and protect your most valuable asset—your soil.

Beneficial Bacteria: The Key to Soil Health

We develop and produce agricultural microbials that work synergistically with plant roots to help promote increase nutrient uptake, to improve soil function and overall plant health. Our with national, international and university partners we have shone our R&D have continued to prove our microbial packages can improve soil health and crop performance.
We are committed to improving innovative solutions through research, leadership, and education to impact crop, turf and soil health worldwide.

At NewLife Biosciences we have proven the importance of a robust microbial consortium plays in maximizing crop performance.  But we also know how critical it is to have packages that can be easily applied to your everyday farming practices.  That’s why our proprietary formulation technology allows for easy mixing,  handling, and storage.  Our high CFU’s (colony forming units) counts of robust microbials along with superior sporulation technology can give you 2 years of liquid formulation shelf life, and our concentrated powder has a 5-year shelf life.  Not only do our products have long storage capabilities, but they also do not require special handling needs like refrigeration. Finally, our ultra-strong formulation is tank mix or pre-mix compatible with fertilizers, starters, herbicides, fungicides, seed treatments, and insecticides.  We are equally effective in pre-emergence applications, in-furrow starter applications or in your seed treatment programs.  We have a passion for improving agriculture and develop new products, formulations that are easy to handle, store and apply.

Reverse Soil Biome Decline, Improve Your Soil Performance and Crop Yield Potential.